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Enel Cuore - About us

While respecting the values which guide its activity and being aware of the need to protect and improve its reputation, which is an essential immaterial resource, Enel Spa intends to set up - together with the companies it controls - a no-profit making Organization having social purposes to take initiatives in the social and no-profit sectors. The specific aim pursued by Enel Spa and the companies involved in the project "Enel Cuore Onlus" is commit to develop cooperation and close relations with stakeholders, organization and institutions, associations, local communities, and future generations. Furthermore, Enel Spa and the other partner companies intend to take initiatives, capable of providing mutual advantages to the parties involved, in line with everybody's role and ethics.

The Association has no-profit making goals and pursues only social solidarity aims in the field of social and socio-assistance fields, charity, amateur sport and the protection of civil rights vis-à-vis disadvantaged people, with specific reference to disabled people, sick people, children and elderly people.

The Association also intends to support projects and initiatives designed to help regions and peoples hit by natural disasters.

In particular, the Association intends to carry out its own activities with a view to providing tangible benefits to the above stated groups of disadvantaged people due to their physical, psychical, economic, ethnic, social and family conditions.

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